The following breaks down our pricing structure.  With the exception of custom work and add-ons, pricing for production services and voiceover is based on the final video duration.

To estimate pricing for videos that are 3 minutes or less, use the pricing estimator.


For standard projects, you choose whether or not to include voiceover in your visual script.

Production Cost = $45 (base cost) + $5/sec

For example, a visual script with an estimated duration of 60 seconds is calculated:  45 + (5 * 60) = $345

Voiceover Cost = $120 (base cost) + $.70/sec

Voiceover for a script with an estimated duration of 60 seconds is calculated:  120 + (.7 * 60) = $162

The total cost for a 60 second video, including voiceover, would add the above costs:  $345 + $162 = $507


Premium projects include voiceover.  If you need a one without voiceover, just let us know.

Production Cost = $95 (base cost) + $10/sec

For example, a visual script with an estimated duration of 60 seconds will be calculated:  95 + (10 * 60) = $695

Voiceover Cost = $120 (base cost) + $.70/sec

Voiceover for a script with an estimated duration of 60 seconds is calculated:  120 + (.7 * 60) = $162

The total cost for a 60 second video, including voiceover, would add the above costs:  $695 + $162 = $857

Since we just launched (Oct 2018) and not all planned features are active yet, pricing currently reflects a discount. In the coming weeks, we'll be adding more options for customizing your video, curated music and voice talent, more tools for agencies and managers, and more.

Duration Discounts

For videos longer than 10 minutes in duration, additional disounts are available.  Contact us for a custom estimate.


How do we estimate video duration?

Duration is estimated based on script word count but calculated differently for voiceover and onscreen text.  


The industry average reading speed for voice talent is 150 words per minute, so this is the basis on how we estimate duration.  You can estimate your own script like this:

# words in script / 2.5 = estimated video duration (seconds)

For example, 150 words in your script divided by 2.5 = 60 seconds

Onscreen Text

For a script without voiceover, we need to allow enough time for viewers to not only read onscreen text, but also process all the other visuals.  We calculate as such:

# words in script / .8 = estimated video duration (seconds)

For example, 48 words in your script divided by .8 = 60 seconds

Every scene has a minimum duration, based on the animation in the scene.  If your script has a significant number of scenes with estimated duration below the minimum, we will revise your estimate to include the minimum scene durations for those scenes.  The scene minimum is the first duration, in seconds, that is above the red in the pacing gauge for each scene.


Service Comparison

Standard Premium
Visual scripts create your own visual script service*
Agency / manager tools
Royalty-free illustrations & icons
Royalty-free animations
Royalty-free music*
Dedicated project manager
Style frames
Customization of scenes by our designers*
HD video export & compression
Email support
Phone support add-on
Revisions standard* premium*
Professional, non-union talent see voiceover pricing
Royalty-free (buyout) see voiceover pricing

With our visual script service (Premium), we create a visual script from the written video script you upload to us. We will select scenes and transitions from our library, enter onscreen text and highlights, choose icons, set up any charts, and make sure all pacing is balanced and consistent. When we’re done, we’ll send you the visual script for your approval, and you can request any revisions necessary.

Standard revisions include up to 1 work hour for each minute of finished video. Premium revisions include up to 2 work hours for each minute of finished video. If you request additional revisions, we will inform you of the estimate and request your approval prior to making the revisions. Learn more about revisions.

Customization includes changes in color, fonts, background, onscreen text, and the inclusion of your logos, icons and images. Customization does not include changing the core animation of scenes. For all custom requests, we will review your script prior to checkout and, if necessary, give you a revised estimate.

If your logos, icons, product shots, etc. need prep-work (Photoshop cutouts, coloring, etc.), let us know in your visual script. We can review your files and give you a revised estimate prior to checkout.

Basic sound effects are added at no additional cost and include any that are vital for clarity (e.g., a mouse button click). Full sound effects can be added as a custom request.

Voiceover: In order to keep rates as low as possible, we use online voice talent services. As such, availability of voice talent is subject to change. Voice talent and online voice talent services maintain their own contracts. Some use restrictions may apply. One round of revisions is included free. Revisions mean any changes that do not deviate from the original request, such as if the talent did not enunciate accurately or read in the requested tone.

The music we recommend and provide is from an online stock music provider and is governed by the licensing agreement of the online service.

See the Project Agreement & License for more pricing, payment and licensing details.



The following can be added to any project.


Rush +$85

Our rush service cuts production time in half.  If the current production time for your project is 10 days, for example, a rush will make it 5 days.  Production times vary.  For the current status, please visit:


Phone Support +$75

Our standard service includes email support.  However, some people prefer to talk on the phone.  If that's you, we can help.

Premium projects:  phone support is already included.


Custom Animation or Artwork Prep +$75/hour

You can add any custom requests to your visual script that you need.  For example, maybe you want to change the core animation of a scene you selected, or have us create an all-new scene.  Or maybe you want to stylize your entire video in a particular way.  Whatever it is, we've got you covered.

If you need artwork prep or you have included custom requests when you send your visual script to production, we'll review prior to checkout and send you a revised estimate.

If you need scriptwriting or a full custom video, please contact us:



Payment is 20% upfront with the 80% balance due on project completion.

The full resolution video will be uploaded after full payment has been made.

You can opt to pay 100% up front or the 80% balance due at any point during production in order to avoid potential delays once your video is ready.

Standard Projects:  after you send your visual script to production and complete the project setup, we'll review your visual script and email you a link to pay the 20% online.  If you have any custom requests, we'll revise your estimate at that time, if necessary.

Premium Projects:  after you upload your video script, we'll set up a phone meeting to go over the details.  After that meeting, we'll email you a link to pay the 20% online.



Payment is made online via Stripe.  Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available.  For more, see Stripe Security.

We use a valid SSL certificate, the standard security protocol, which enables all data between browser and server to remain encrypted.  You can ensure this by viewing the lock icon in your browser's address bar.

We do not store any credit credit information on Zevo servers.

If you prefer, we can email you an invoice to be paid on instead.