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Since customers build visual scripts by selecting different scenes, it's important that the scenes fit together in a cohesive way. The same style among all scenes maintains this quality and consistency.

We will be adding various styles down the road for customers to choose from. For now, we are starting with a simple, modern style because of its broad application.
Main Style Attributes
  • Clean
  • Flat (2d or 3d)
  • Modern
  • Minimal

You can get a good idea of this style by watching our sample videos.

And here's a good article on Envato Tuts+ by Yulia Sokolova which mentions Apple, Google and Microsoft design trends.

We do branch out a bit from that article.  Check out section 9: Flat Design Future Trends.  These are acceptable trends.

Also, we are including 3d.  See the 3d section below for more.

Illustrations & Icons
Be sure the illustrations and icons you draw adhere to this style as well.

Illustrations should be as minimal as possible while still remaining clear as to what the illustration represents.

If you have an illustration in mind but are unsure regarding style, feel free to touch base with us. We can usually send links to samples of similar illustrations in the appropriate style. You can use these as a reference point.

3d adds a wonderful quality to almost any animation. 3d space (aka 2.5d) in After Effects often enables a cool parallax effect that people are drawn to. So this is a good way to add value to your scenes.

3D Objects

What in the world is flat 3d?  It's an oxymoron, for one.  But otherwise, it's simply putting 3d objects in a flat style.

Here's a great tutorial by Matt from Mt. Mograph on how to use a 3d object from Cinema 4d in AE, with this flat style.

And here's an Adobe forum thread on how to do it.

Feel free to include 3d objects from other applications (e.g., Maya, 3DS Max) provided these objects are not meant to be customized. We will likely add a workflow for these applications in the future. For now, please prerender all 3d elements in full resolution to be imported into AE, unless the object can be edited in AE, such as with the Element 3D plugin.