Royalties & Payouts


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All pay is royalty-based. Zevo will pay you a royalty for each time your scene is used in a customer video for which Zevo receives payment. See Current Royalty Rates.

When you upload a scene, you will select the Terms of Service Agreement Option A or Option B that you prefer. When you choose an option for a scene, that option is only applicable to that particular scene. You are free to choose either option for each new scene you upload.*

Each scene you upload is assigned a rate step based on the Rate Step Estimator.  The rate step determines your royalty rate for that scene.

For more, see Rate Steps & Estimator.

*Changing options after scene upload is not possible at this time.

Once you accrue $100 or more, you are eligible for a payout.

On your account page, you can set your choice of whether you want automatic monthly payouts or not.  Regardless of that choice, you can request a payout at any time.  Keep in mind:

  • All funds are in US ($) Dollars.
  • All payouts are made via the online payment processor of your choice*
  • Minimum payout amount is $100
  • Monthly payout date:  on or before the 21st

At this time, we are using PayPal and Payoneer. If neither of those options work in your country, please contact us. We will do our best to find a solution that works.

Make sure to keep your contact and payment processor information up-to-date.  We also recommend you provide backup email and phone numbers in your profile in the event we cannot contact you through your primary methods.

*You are responsible for all applicable payment processor fees.