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Rate steps are simply our answer to dealing with the wide range of time involvement in creating scenes.

One scene might be so simple it’s done in an hour or two while another could involve numerous illustrations, layers, complex parenting, use of 3d or advanced plugins. We think you should be compensated appropriately for your time.
1. Make selections for just one scene at a time.
2. Include all your work, even reusable illustrations or animations.*
*Reusable elements do not negatively affect rate steps. For example, if you use an advanced plugin to create a reusable animation across multiple scenes, you can still check that toggle for each of those scenes. Or if you have an illustration that is reused in multiple scenes, you include it in every scene you estimate.
3. Do not include illustrations not used in the scene you are estimating.
*Scene variations sometimes include different illustrations for the different scenes in the series. For the estimator, include only the illustrations for the scene you are estimating, not all the illustrations in the series.
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Lowest = simple transformations like position and scale.
Highest = numerous elements, complex parenting, 3d space, etc.


Rate Step: 1