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About Zevo

Zevo is a user-friendly platform that enables people to easily create animated and motion graphic videos online.

Customers build a visual script by browsing through and selecting short, pre-animated modules, called scenes. These scenes cover a wide range of concepts such as technology, finance, design, business and more. Zevo then edits and customizes the modules in order to produce the final video.

Content Creators animate scenes and then license those scenes to Zevo. Every time a customer uses one of your scenes in a video, you earn a royalty. For more, see Royalties & Payouts.

What is a Scene?
A scene is a short module that communicates just one visual idea. This modular structure enables customers to build a visual script however they need, so they are not limited by a video template. Scenes are typically 5-15 seconds long. The animation can be simple or complex, depending on how you want to best communicate the concept.

Here's a scene that communicates the idea of transportation by car.
Created by LaRa

Scenes should:

  1. Clearly communicate the concept
  2. Avoid generic & abstract ideas
  3. Avoid cliches
  4. Be structured with an intro, drift and outro

To learn more and see examples, check out Scenes.

Get Started
1. Choose a concept

Check out the Concept List to find out what we're looking for.

Choose a concept that has the broadest possible group of customers.  For more on this, see Concepts.

To choose a concept to start working on:  Login > Scenes > Create Scenes.

For concepts you want to work on but aren't ready to start yet, you can reserve up to 3 concepts for 30 days.  Login > Scenes > Reserve Concepts.

2. Brainstorm ideas

This is the fun part.  And the sky's the limit.  In order to maximize use of your scenes and royalties, here are a few tips:

  1. Be as broad as possible while still clearly communicating your concept.
  2. Avoid Generic & Abstract Ideas.
  3. Create reusable elements.
  4. Plan out a series of scene variations.
  5. Consider earnings Strategies.
  6. Consider unique Character Animation.

The Rate Step Estimator is helpful as you brainstorm ideas.  You can use it to get a rough idea of your rate before starting on your scene(s).

3. Get feedback

Before you start working, it's crucial to get feedback to:

  1. Avoid duplicate ideas.  (We attempt to make sure scenes are sufficiently different.)
  2. Make sure your idea is viable before spending time on it.
  3. Make sure your series of variations is viable.

For example, suppose you get a great idea for your concept and spend a few hours drawing an illustration and then animating it.  Then you send the scene in only to find out another Content Creator already did something very similar.

After you know you're on track with your idea and any plans for variations, we invite you to send us anything you want: rough sketches or diagrams, illustrations, style frames, boards, etc.

We will help you make your scene more appealing to customers.

Keep in mind:

  • Stick with Style:  So that customers can end up with a high quality video in a consistent style, scenes need to fit together cohesively. For more, see Style.
  • Original Artwork:  Be sure you own the copyright to all elements used in your scene (icons, illustrations, 3d models, etc.).*

To get feedback:

  1. Login > Scenes > Create.
  2. Add your concept.
  3. Click on Get Feedback.

*See Terms of Service Agreements, Option A or Option B.

4. Animate

Once you know you’re on track with your animation idea, illustrations and style, you can move ahead into animation.

  • Scenes must be animated in Adobe After Effects.

Our workflow for the efficient customization of scenes revolves around After Effects.

However, you can create non-customizable elements (e.g., 3d elements) in any other application. See After Effects for more.

When you're ready, send us a part of the animation, or the whole scene.  It's up to you.

5. Upload your scene

When your scene is approved, we use the Rate Step Estimator to determine the rate for your scene.
Then we’ll send you a link to upload your scene preview and make your agreement choice.

Project Files:  We do not request AE project files prior to launch. After launch, you’ll be able to see your scenes posted publicly for customers to select. When customers start to purchase videos, we will request your project files so we can customize the scenes.

We recommend you collect the AE project in order to safeguard it until then.

After uploading your scene preview, the scene will be available in your scenes list and will be counted in your dashboard stats:


That's it!  Happy creating!