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Welcome to all Content Creators. This Guide explains the process of creating scenes and includes information on style, royalties, tips & tricks, agreements and more.

The Guide should answer most of your questions. But if not, please feel free to CONTACT US.

What is Zevo?
Zevo is an online platform which helps people easily create high-quality videos in a cost-effective way. Customers can create product/service promos, video ads, animated infographics, explainer videos, app demos and any other animated or motion graphic video.

Customers build a visual script by browsing through and selecting short, pre-animated modules, called scenes, that cover a wide range of concepts such as technology, finance, design, business and more. Zevo then edits and customizes the modules in order to produce the final video.

To get a better idea of what Zevo is all about, see a static image of the HOMEPAGE DESIGN. You can also check out some video samples.

Content Creators

Content Creators develop and animate scenes, which are short (usually 5-15 second) modules that Zevo customers select for building their videos. You earn money each time one of your scenes is used in a video.

There are two Terms of Service agreement options. See Option A Highlights and Option B Highlights.

See more about Royalties & Payouts.