Option B Highlights


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Option B Highlights
The following are some highlights of the Terms of Service - Option B. These highlights are, by no means, comprehensive and do not convey the full agreements. Be sure you thoroughly read and understand the entire agreement.
  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must be the original creator and own all copyrights for the Scene(s) you upload, including all elements such as icons and illustrations.
  3. Zevo will pay you a royalty (according to Option B under CURRENT ROYALTY RATES) for each unique use of the Scene(s) you upload for which Zevo receives payment.
  4. You retain the copyrights to your Scene(s).
  5. You agree to license your Scene(s) to Zevo and Zevo customers for the purpose of customization and use in customer videos.
  6. You agree to follow these Content Creator Guidelines when creating and uploading scenes.
  7. You understand that you are an independent contractor.  You are not a partner or employee of Zevo.  As such, you are responsible for determining your US tax status and paying all taxes to the US and/or your country of residence. 
  8. When the CCTOS-B is modified, we will notify you by email.  Scenes are covered under the CCTOS-B that is effective at the time you upload the Scene.
  9. By agreeing to the CCTOS, you also agree to Zevo’s TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY.
  10. Be sure to keep your payment processor account information and contact emails up-to-date.