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Concepts are the idea that a scene communicates. It could be a scene about a business deal or online shopping, for example.

Concept Creators choose a concept to base their scene on. Once the scene is posted online, categories and concepts serve as taxonomy to help customers find what they are looking for.

Concept List

Zevo maintains a Concept List to let Content Creators know what scenes are currently in need. The list is updated regularly, so be sure to check it often.

Concepts might have multiple scenes, depending on anticipated demand. In that case, we will make sure the various animation ideas submitted for one concept are sufficiently different. It’s first come, first served, so this is one of the advantages for Early Content Creators - you get first choice of concepts. We will limit, however, the number of scenes per concept. Once that limit is hit, we will remove that concept from the list.

If you're not ready to start yet, but want to work on particular concepts, you can reserve up to 3 for 30 days.  Login > Scenes > Reserve Concepts.

One of the key value points of Zevo is that it's cost-effective.  And one of the ways we enable that is by animating certain categories in-house.  These are primarily Generic & Abstract concepts (e.g., generic text and/or icon scenes, charts and graphs, user interfaces, etc.).  These are not included on the Concept List.

Check out the Concept List.

How to Choose a Concept

The concept is the foundation of the scene.  Since customers come from almost any type of business or industry, concepts cover the gamut of anything a customer might need to best communicate their message.

For example, a company might be creating a promo where they need a scene to demonstrate how their business software helps increase profit.  Or maybe a manufacturing company needs to show they have a new factory in Kuala Lumpur, so they might find a scene that depicts the Petronas Towers landmark, for example.  As you can imagine, there are almost endless possibilities.

As you review the Concept List, consider questions like these:

  1. What concepts appeal to the widest possible audience?
  2. What concepts span multiple industries?
  3. What animation ideas would make a particular concept more valuable to people?