Character Animation


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A Change of Pace

We are very interested in scenes with unique character animations.

For a number of years, it has been extremely common to use a sort of standard type of cartoon people in 2d animated videos, especially explainer videos. Since we want to stand apart, we are attempting to avoid this.

However, there is a huge need for character animation in our scenes.  We're basically looking for creative character ideas - something that breaks out of the mold a bit.

Below are just a few ideas we believe could work well, but there are plenty of options.

Unique Character Ideas

1. Uniquely artistic people & animals

2. Cute monsters or aliens
3. Basic shapes as characters
4. Icon people

Here are a few examples:

Maybe you have some other ideas for unique characters? Don't hesitate - we'd love to hear your ideas.

And, by the way, character animations make excellent reusable elements. Once you animate the essentials (e.g., walk cycles, etc.), you can reuse them in various scenes.