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AE Project Template
Once accepted as a Content Creator, you will receive an email to download the AE Project Template.

Please use this project when starting each new scene. It has color swatches and backgrounds for you to use. This helps keep consistent style for customers as they build their visual script.

Our current workflow centers around the customization of scenes built in Adobe After Effects.

While your main scene must be in After Effects, you can create 3d elements in other applications (e.g., Maya, Cinema 4D).

In the future, we will likely add 3d software to our workflow in order to be able to customize these elements for customers. In the meantime, 3d objects must be pre-rendered and imported into After Effects, unless they can be used within AE 3d space such as with the included Cinema4d Lite app or the Element 3D plugin.

Keep in Mind
• Customization
Keep in mind that Zevo will be customizing your scene to a customer's specifications. Please use precomps in AE for customizable elements, such as icons and illustrations.
• Fonts

Please use Source Sans Pro as the primary font. This is a free Google Font which is included in the AE Project Template.

You can use other free Google Fonts that pair well with Source Sans Pro. Use these as secondary, accent fonts.

• Text
Some scenes require specific text that is pertinent to the concept being communicated. For all other cases, you can simply use Latin Dummy Text as a placeholder.

Here's a snippet you can copy and paste as needed:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vitae lacus a enim tincidunt pretium. Vestibulum nec est tortor. Integer ut mi non est placerat dignissim.