Account Features


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Once you’re approved as a Content Creator, you’ll be emailed a link to register on the site.

Your dashboard includes an overview of:

  1. Points, current level and payout bonus
  2. Scenes and scene uses
  3. Royalties earned, payouts and royalties due.

Graphs help you visualize what's going on with your scenes and royalties.


When you upload scenes, they will be listed on your scenes page with associated information of rates, categories and tags.

Uses & Royalties

The Uses & Royalties page allows you to keep track of all the times your scenes have been used by Zevo customers.  With the companies list, you have the opportunity to search for the final video projects online, if you want to see your scenes in action.  In many cases, you'll be able to find them on YouTube, Vimeo or the company's own site.