Sneak Peek

The Visual Script is practically done.  We are currently doing in-house beta testing and fixing some minor issues and bugs.

Here's a screen-grab that has three scenes and a transition.  The three buttons up top are for views and reordering scenes.  Directly under the scene previews are pacing gauges.  Each scene is assigned an ideal duration, so the gauge tells the user if their script is too fast, too slow or just right, based on the scene they selected.


Customers can add as many scenes as they need, delete, reorder, etc.  The collapsible footer enables them to see a dynamic tally of the video duration, number of scenes and average scene duration (which also helps with pacing).

Here's a shot of the Scene Modal where users browse and select their scenes.


So that's just a snapshot.  We'll keep you posted with more as soon as we can.