JULY 21, 2018


Certain Content Creators (“You”) have been invited to participate in an exclusive offer where Zevo provides all the illustrated assets for a Scene and the Content Creator animates the Scene using those assets.  This Amendment changes certain points in the standard CCTOS-A and CCTOS-B.  The following points are listed herein.

“Scene” or “Scenes” refer to any animated or motion graphic modules that you upload and which serve as templates to be customized by Zevo in order for Zevo to produce videos for its customers.

The following Amendment is a legally binding, exclusive agreement between you and Zevo.


In the standard CCTOS-A or CCTOS-B, you own the copyrights to the entire Scene, including all assets used to create the Scene.  However, by agreeing to this Amendment you understand and agree that Zevo owns the copyright to any and all illustrations, icons, vectors, design and layouts of the illustrations, and any other asset provided to you by Zevo.  However, you own the copyright to all animation you create, using Zevo’s assets.

If you choose CCTOS-A, you will transfer all ownership and copyrights of your animation to Zevo after you have been paid the Maximum Compensation as set forth in Current Royalty Rates which is incorporated herein by reference.

If you choose CCTOS-B, you will retain all ownership and copyrights of your animation, in perpetuity.

As in the standard CCTOS-A and CCTOS-B, you grant to Zevo the right to use your Scene in connection with any of Zevo's training, promotions and marketing materials.  Due to the nature of these exclusive Scenes, Zevo is more likely to use these, as compared to standard non-exclusive Scenes, for the above listed purposes.


The standard CCTOS-A and CCTOS-B agreements are non-exclusive.  However, due to Zevo’s ownership of the assets in the Scenes you create, this agreement becomes exclusive for use on the Zevo website ( only.  As such, you understand and agree that you are not to license, sub-license, sell or use the Scenes you create under this Amendment in any other capacity without written permission by Zevo.


By entering into this agreement, you are entitled to earn the full royalties that each of your Scenes generates.  Although Zevo owns the copyright to the assets, you will receive full royalties according to the Current Royalty Rates.


In any and every point where this Amendment disagrees or conflicts with the CCTOS-A or CCTOS-B, this Amendment overrides and takes precedence.

By the uploading of any Scene to Zevo under this exclusive offer, you agree to be bound by this Amendment.

EFFECTIVE as of JULY 21, 2018